What States Sell the Most Cannabis? Top 10

Now that medical marijuana is legal in 33 states and recreational ones are legal in 10, it’s interesting to see which states are selling tons of cannabis through their dispensaries. Regardless of how consumers are using it, the numbers can be quite surprising. This list depends on what top 10 states sell the most marijuana due to popular demand.

10. California

Don’t be so surprised with the Golden State at number 10. There might a common misconception that residents of California can’t get enough of their weed, but they just rank top 10 on the list. This state has over 261 dispensaries.

While it might have been the first state to legalize marijuana for medical use, it’s not the first state to legalize it for recreational use. The dispensaries here only have temporary licenses awarded to them and only 261 are active.
Only about 12.88% of residents use marijuana, which is definitely a low number considering a very large state. They’re not so obsessed with weed after all.

9. Maine

Maine, also known as the Pine Tree State, finishes at 9th place just after California. For such a smaller state compared to California, it would definitely be surprising. Not only that, there are just over 8 dispensaries in the state but they still manage to sell more cannabis. Now that’s really something.

About 13.56% of the residents in Maine consume cannabis for either use since marijuana is legal for both medical and recreational use. Though the numbers have been dropping, they still sell more compared to other states. Being allowed to possess up to 2.5 ounces, the residents must be stocking up their pile of marijuana.

8. Washington D.C.

The capital ranks 8th on the list that sells most cannabis. It’s technically not a state but with the numbers game, it outranks legit states. This district has been selling and gaining lots of revenue that might surprise you. Ever since the legalization for recreational use of the drug in 2012, the industry has been getting over $1 billion in revenue.

14% of the residents of the capital consume the drug which makes it climb higher among the ranks. Even though there are only 8 dispensaries, it doesn’t stop the district from selling loads of weed. Regardless of being so close to the capital, the numbers are definitely rising.

7. Rhode Island

Small states really take you by surprising with Rhode Island taking the 7th place. It’s such a small state, in fact the smallest state in the country, with only 3 dispensaries. Despite the a few dispensaries, it still manages to rank at 7th.

About 14.32% of the residents smoke weed which probably explains why it’s still at a relatively higher rank. The state only legalized marijuana for medical use which is more surprising. Hopefully, people are getting better with their usage.

6. Oregon

The Beaver state won’t let others surpass it at number 6. It’s not really a surprise since the state has over 560 dispensaries spread out. Ever since the state approved the drug, the numbers are only getting higher.
Consumers take up about 14.45% of the state which might explain the number. Nothing like good weed in a good coastal state, right?

5. Massachusetts

This colony state earns its 5th place with over 14.6% of its residents using pot. Legalizing marijuana for both uses has seriously spiked up the numbers and is one of the main reasons why the states sell a lot of weed.
It has just about 19 dispensaries that’s completely underwhelming. You wouldn’t expect that just a small number of dispensaries can provide a lot of weed for a large population. But this state did and will continue to do so in the coming years.

4. New Hampshire

For the granite state to legalize medical marijuana, you’d wonder how it ranked 4th on our list. This state has over 14.88% of its population using the drugs. It makes you wonder just how much these people need the drug to drive the state up the ranks.

There are only 4 dispensaries in the state that are listed at alternative treatment centers. Even though dispensaries don’t often open, the state is still part of the top 5 which says a lot about it.

3. Colorado

The centennial state legalized marijuana for both just a few years ago. It’s not just the mountains or the desert that interesting in this place, it’s also the amount of weed being sold. It has over 520 dispensaries and they’re all doing well to contribute to the industry’s revenue.

With over 15% of their population using the drugs, each year’s 420 is definitely interesting. Getting high in this state is something you should check out.

2. Vermont

This state has legalized medical marijuana back in 2004 and it doesn’t have many medical dispensaries. So why did it rank top 2 on our list? Mainly because 16% of its residents use the drug.
In a state where marijuana can be used for both, the numbers won’t lie. The green mountain state is surely the state that caught you off guard.

1. Pennsylvania

Over the past year, the Pennsylvania medical marijuana program has approved about 76% of its applications – that’s around 102,000 residents. That’s a large number which ranks PA as the top 1 state that sells marijuana.
With over 45 dispensaries, the state has to cater to this number. Reports have also shown that with the state’s legalization, the price for pot has dropped which contributes to the increase in sales. It’s not cheap but at least it’s cheaper than before.

With all the states and their numbers, marijuana’s legalization surely did drive up the numbers and the revenue. The ranks of these states might still change in the future, but one thing’s for sure – the numbers will only increase as the industry progresses.

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