We Can Do This Hard Thing (AKA Spin Class)

I’m writing this blog post on my yoga mat, waiting for my body to realize the Hell I just put it through.

Spin. Class. I went to my first ever spin class tonight and…. Got. DAMN. These were my three thoughts throughout the whole 60 minute class:

1. “Who in their right minds finds this enjoyable????”

2. Kimmy Schmidt chanting “You can do anything for 10 seconds!”

3. I am dripping sweat, I didn’t bring a towel, this seat really hurts my ass, and I am not going to be able to walk tomorrow.

Alright that was more than three. But have you ever taken a spin class before? Then you understand.

I almost didn’t go…class started at 6:30 and at 6:13 I pulled my ass off the couch and told myself if I didn’t go I’d regret it. And if I did go, I’d still have plenty of time to watch Netflix and maybe definitely drink some wine. I threw on a loose tank (I don’t recommend this after I watched 2 drops of sweat fall onto the bike from my stomach. G-ross dude), grabbed a water bottle, and nervously walked to the gym. I found a bike against the window so I could people-watch as I killed myself slowly, and mentally prepped.

There is no mental preparation for a spin class.

However, one of my (many) life mantras is this: It only feels impossible until it’s done. And about 30 minutes, no, 5 minutes, into that class, I seriously considered how bad it would look if I said F this and got up and walked out. But considering I chose a bike on the far side of the room, that wasn’t happening. Quitting averted!

I didn’t keep up with everyone else. I didn’t ride “off the saddle” for a bajillion minutes in a row like everyone else could. I wanted to throw up a little and possibly even cry, but I didn’t.

I finished that damn spin class, and I freakin’ hated every minute of it. But it felt good to FINISH IT. And more than likely I’ll forget how much I hated it and I’ll go to another class.


But regardless, WE CAN DO HARD SHIT. That’s really my point with this whole story. Whether it’s a horrible day at work, school, spin class, anything, it’s all about perspective and FOLLOWING THROUGH. Push yourself. That might mean something completely different to you than it does to your neighbor, but don’t worry about your neighbor’s skills and abilities. (Unless your neighbor is really really good at baking, accounting, or juggling)

Now get out there and do the hard shit. Mic drop.…